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echo sustainable design lab is a consulting company that assists clients to realize and apply green technologies to their projects. Each year buildings consume more than 40% of the total energy and more than 80% of the electricity used in the United States*. The future of our planet depends on decisions we make with our built environment, now more than ever.

echo is a group of architects and design professionals who have passion to help bring about change in our environment. We also see a need to empower people through knowledge to become better stewards of the earth. echo’s goal is to help filter the growing sustainable practices to find your right “shade of green”. echo listens, connects you with the experts, and communicates what to do and how to do it, making it easier to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Shades of Green

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Echo recognizes there are several “shades of green” for any project and budget. From simple responsible design practices to state of the art building technologies, we can help determine the shade that is right for you.


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